A Time for Thanks…

88338936As I look back on this past Thanksgiving and the last couple of months in general, I have much to be thankful for. To be sure, this starts with family. My wife Julie offers me more support than you could know and puts up with my long hours at work – I am pretty sure I owe her big-time! My daughter Jenni has started a new career as a studio photographer and her creative talent will carry her far I am sure – this adventure takes me back to when I first started in business 33 some years ago! (Let me know if you need any family portraits :))  I am also thankful that I was able to spend some extended time with my parents this fall – both on a week-long vacation out to Colorado and then again with another visit a week later.

This past week Julie and I spent some time with our friends Patti and Steve that live out in Connecticut. As part of a tradition that has carried on for twenty years now, we get together and meet in some location across the country for a quick vacation and time to catch up with each other every other Thanksgiving. These trips have included Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and this year in Memphis, Tennessee! A good time was had by all, and we got a chance to say hello to Elvis as well.

And then there is work, where I am very grateful to our many clients who have helped keep us very busy the past several months! In fact, I commonly refer to it as swamped busy – over 30% more than is our average in a month. This is very exciting to see this kind of growth, so thank you! This very much also leads to another group of people I am thankful for – our staff members! It is definitely a challenge to keep up with the daily deadlines, and especially when we have been down two employees in the past few weeks as well. Mike and Mary in our mailing and bindery departments have been stellar in their attention to workflow, and they have been assisted by Bob, Bill, Bob and Eva along with some great temporary workers as well. And while I know I have had a few long days, I believe Bob takes the ribbon for actually staying through all night once this past month!

Pam and Heather in our prepress department have been amazing in taking on the challenge of an additional workers load, and now that Dave has been hired to join them, he is getting to jump in feet first! Pat and Dave in our press department have likewise been up to the added workload of being down 1 person, and are doing a great job. Of course Hollie and Karen, along with a name from the past – Mary, have started the ball rolling with getting jobs into production, and then following up on all the details that often times change in mid-stream. Then Nancy and Ginny also feel the added workload from the additional business and need to stay on top of everything as well for client contact, billing and keeping track of many different postage balances!

All in all it has been a happy and busy Thanksgiving. I am indeed grateful for everyone that has been a part of it.

What is it you are thankful for?

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