It’s That Time Again…

87829410… that time again where we all start back at Zero! Yep, the start of the New Year is upon us and right after we all get to enjoy the spirit of the holidays with friends and family, we begin the business of building business.

For many of us we have the benefit of ongoing business relationships and perhaps even some contractual accounts. For others, each new month means literally starting from scratch. For all of us though, it is a given that we need to build on our past year’s history. Just because we may have enjoyed a good year does not ensure the same for the future, and in reality we need to be growing by 3 to 5 percent per year just to keep pace with increasing expenses. And likely this is not going to just come from raising our costs to clients – very few industries or market segments can increase year to year like the health insurance companies, and yet we all need to cover their increases!

I am optimistic that in 2015 we will all be able to see a stronger economic growth than even we had in the last year  and no doubt this will help us. None the less, seeking new clients and markets  will also be crucial to our success. Also, the way we look to engage these new potential clients will be critical – we cannot just knock on a door and suggest that we do blah, blah, blah! Rather we need to move on from responding to an existing need, and actually seek to create a potential solution to the challenges that the prospect may have. This process takes time and thought – a much longer sales cycle, but one that can also lead to a much stronger relationship – one that is not just built on price.

For some of us it will be a matter of working harder, and others it will be working smarter – trying to be more efficient and selective. If you are a one person show, everything will fall on you! For medium to large size companies, there may be a team involved. Either way though, the true measure of your success in the new year will be whether or not you were able to move forward and build on this year’s number. The company budget relies on this, your business associates are counting on it, and your own self-esteem is built from it – no pressure here!

So it is indeed time to get started… best of luck to us all!



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