Marketing Ain’t Easy…


Marketing for small businesses really is not easy – in fact it is down right tough!

This is the second blog post that I have written with the exact same title, and so maybe it is one that really resonates amongst the small business leader. I have talked with many customers and other business owners that have likewise shared this belief. On one hand there has never been more ways to share your message and branding, then on the other hand… because of all the media options available, it truly is difficult to determine the best use of your resources. In fact just today, I started out with a conversation with our social media associate discussing new strategies to engage our audience amongst several platforms, then I worked on the content and presentation materials for an upcoming seminar that we are hosting soon (1 of 2 actually in the next month), and now I am writing a blog post  that will be published through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and our company e-newsletter. That is a lot for one day!

Ultimately though, all of this marketing effort comes down to the basic concept of engaged communication – or, how is it that we can communicate with our clients and prospects in a way that is engaging for them on a personal level? How is it that we can share our knowledge, resources, products or services with those who will have an interest? And of course, where is it that this target audience likes to “hang out?” Is it on social medial, or perhaps they prefer the old-fashioned printed word? Do they want to attend an educational session – and then would it be in person or online? The choices can be overwhelming at times, and hence the title for today’s blog!

For each of us, it is important to identify first who that target audience is – and then to try testing the different options to find where you get the most engagement from. Although we need to be active in many of the cross-media platforms and have them interact with each other, it genuinely is not effective if we try to spread ourselves too thin. You also need to determine which options you are comfortable communicating in. For instance, I am very comfortable in doing seminar presentations and in writing content for blogs or white papers – but I am not interested in doing multiple tweets or Facebook posts each and every day. I just do not have the time, and hence I work with someone who does enjoy this.

Once you do identify the right options for your audience and for yourself, then the key is to try to make the communication as personal and real as possible. When your passion shows through, the engagement will happen – and that is when all of the effort pays off!

What is it that you have done to market your business today?


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