Communicating Your Value…


A few years back a common business term evolved that described how times have changed and in fact would remain this way – it was referred to as the new normal.

Well to be sure, the world of business has changed and I am not so sure that we even still know the full effect of all this change. Technology has played a large part of this , increasing efficiencies  and streamlining operations to the point that fewer people are often needed to do the same functions. It has also modified how businesses market themselves – with a wide variety of new media options and strategies. There are also entirely new products and services that in many cases have transformed what some industries had offered as a premium in the past, to nothing more than a commodity now.

Within this new normal, it is more important than ever for an organization to fully identify its purpose – what it does, how it does it, why it does it, and for who. You need to be able to share your mission and in fact your passion with your clients/donors and prospects. But even beyond all of this, it is so important to offer value beyond what your competitors do. What is it that makes you different or unique? Is there something that you can provide that establishes your product or service beyond just the commodity it may well be in the eyes of the customer? How does working with your business make for a more simple transaction than with your competitors? What resources do you offer your clients? All of this and more is what you should include within a Value Proposition statement.

Here though is where the real trick comes in… how do you make sure that your clients and prospects know your value proposition? How is it that you will communicate this value? Within all of the new marketing strategies and media options the idea is to not just push out this information, but to engage your audience by providing avenues for them to learn more about you. And this process needs to be ongoing – it is not enough to just post your value proposition online and hope that clients and prospects find it. Ideally, you will share all that you provide in value over time through avenues such as e-mail blasts, social media posts, downloads of resource information, seminars, blogs, videos, case studies, testimonials, printed brochures and even personal visits. You will need to be relentless in your communication, knowing that not every message will reach who needs to really understand it. Be sincere, not artificial. Be proud of what you have to offer, and be sure to back it up with service. As it has been said many times by those much smarter than I, the more you give, the more you will receive!

What is it that makes your organization different? What is the value that you bring to the relationship?

p.s. I suspect that my next post may well be an example of how we at C L Graphics don’t just talk the talk, but actually walk the walk!


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