Communicating Your Value – Part II…

ThinkstockPhotos-87568095   In my last blog I talked about how technology has changed so much in our world over the past several years, and because of this it is more important than ever to be able to communicate your value to not only your existing clients, but also to all your potential prospects. It is this value proposition that will share the why you do what you do and for who. It is also what will help you rise above the “commodity” level that so many of us find ourselves in today.

As I also suggested, now is when I take the initiative to share some of what I believe makes us as a company different and unique within the world of the printing industry!

While so much of what we produce – the ink on paper – is considered a commodity, what I believe we can offer clients are the many resources that can help you plan for better, more effective communications. We look to offer ideas, and information on how you can better engage your clients, donors or prospects. And we offer ways to streamline how can you order the communication materials. Examples of these resources can be found on our website and are easily accessible for downloads, and a link for this section is here:   . Not only are their “tips and tricks,” “frequently asked questions” and marketing checklists available, but we also have 13 different seminar downloads available – all of which we have presented over the years to clients and prospects with the intent of helping to educate and promote new ideas . I don’t suspect many other print or marketing firms have a library such as this!

And speaking of sharing relevant thoughts, our social media strategy is very much centered on engaging you with articles and stories about your specific area of interest. We regularly post information for the nonprofit market that we work with and also libraries along with general business information. Examples of our active sites are: , , and to view galleries of some of our client work, visit our Pinterest site: . We take pride in our participation in these cross-media platforms, and not just with a periodic post, but a very active involvement – so please join us!

In addition, we also look to engage our clients in ways to help improve their business. Through the annual surveys that we conduct and share results with participants, we are able to offer ideas and strategies to improve upon  their results. We also offer a unique program called Stand Out In a Crowd – this is an offer to print either a set of company note cards, a promotional buckslip or company notepads for free, once per year. The intent is to provide you with a way to help market yourself and share your company with others, and to differentiate yourself within your market.

Of course every year C L Graphics has a tradition of preparing a Marketing and Planning Calendar – a very practical and useful tool that not only provides the basic weekly calendar, but also very relevant marketing ideas and strategies. This tool had become very helpful to many clients and we find them reaching out in expectation every December!

Lastly, there is the C L Graphics Blog. While many companies have a blog listed on their website, following up on the advice of marketing experts everywhere, not too many can say that they have consistently posted a blog for well over 5 years now! My goal is to share relevant marketing strategies, business practices and even some personal content at times. So as you reads through this latest posting, I hope I have shared some of what we at C L Graphics have done to communicate and share our value. While all of this may not ensure a strong relationship with all potential clients, it does at the very least give you a good idea of who we are, and the resources we can offer you.

How do you look to communicate your value?


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