Finding The Next…

ThinkstockPhotos-56371314   It is definitely an interesting time that we live in.

While I have often thought that my grandparent’s generation had seen the greatest amount of change within their lifetimes, in reality the millennial generation is likely to witness even more advancements. Or at the very least, it will be so much faster of a transition from one technology level to the next.

To be sure, the technological change we have seen since the advent of the internet has changed how many businesses operate. There are easier ways to find and compare businesses, applications to manage the process and whole new types of businesses even. Some traditional business markets are being replaced and others are being reinvented. At some point even, I question whether the typical retail type store will even exist – rather they will be just locations to pick up an item you ordered online.

The challenge for many of us in business is in finding the next new version of what we will be offering. Will it be just finding new markets, or will the whole business model change? How will our clients find us – or, how will we find them? How will technology streamline the process even more than it has to this point? And ultimately, can we find any of this before our competition finds it?

This can be rather scary, and it requires us to be willing to take chances similar to what we did when we first started in business. However now we are required to change with so much more at stake – ongoing investments in equipment and people that work for us, and clients that count on us to provide ongoing services.

And yet, if we choose not to change, then we will also run the risk of falling behind and not being relevant anymore. Now more than ever we need to keep current on what is trending, and be open to new opportunities. And, if we are really smart, we may even want to seek out advice from the younger generations – after all, they are the real future!

What is your next move?

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