It never fails…

Close up of a chalkboard with back to school written on it

Labor Day weekend is typically referred to as the end of summer. And while technically it is not the official end, back when I was just a kid, it also coincided with the start of school for many of us. Now days that seems to have blurred somewhat with many schools starting by mid-August even. But no matter when your local school district begins, it also beckons the start of getting back to work!

The mindset of everyone it seems, begins to change. No longer is the thought of a summer break or vacation the most important thing – now it is time to start thinking of planning out the final quarter, to initiate the year-end projects that will help close out a good year. It is the time to push hard for making your sales goals come true, and to complete the spending that was approved in the budget, or to start planning out the year-end appeal. No holding back, but rather full speed ahead!

Even  though I have been in business for nearly 35 years now, it never fails to amaze me that the lights get turned on almost immediately when the school year begins and summer winds down. Of course this is a good thing and something that we all rely on to help close out the year. It also means that businesses need to get all hands on deck,  and make sure that they are working well as a team to handle the inevitable rush jobs that will come in, or the crucial deadlines that must be met. Instead of helping to cover for someone who may be on vacation, now you are covering for each other to help solve the production bottlenecks that inevitably appear. It is also an important time to meet with clients to plan out the projects they have – to discuss realistic timeframes and potential roadblocks before they develop.

In many ways, this time of year is actually quite energizing! It gets us all back into a “can do” mindset and even gets us prepared for a seemingly even more hectic time – the holidays.

Have the lights turned on for you yet?


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