What Does Blogging Mean to You…

Blogging hands

The concept of blogging actually has a fairly long history. Many people recognize the very earliest forms within the moderated newsgroups back in 1983, and others were considered to be online diaries and journals. In most cases they were ways of sharing ideas and news among select groups. The title of a “blog” was first coined as a “weblog” in 1997 by a Jom Barger, but then shorted to just blog in 1999 by Peter Merholz. Since this beginning, the concept of blogging has grown dramatically and is considered to be a staple within both the worlds of social media as well as content marketing.

Each and every blog post you read will have a different focus, or intent. Some individuals will use their posts to be a little longer, in-depth way to express their latest thoughts as compared to tweeting, while other individuals and organizations will utilize this platform for sharing resource information and guidance for their clients and prospects alike. And others have found a way to monetize their blog site through attracting a large group of followers that will also attract paid ads to the site. Almost everyone that is active within the marketing of their organization will also suggest that blogging is critical to growing their client base, and make a point of adding a blog to their website. Unfortunately though, in many cases when you visit the blog they are promoting, you will find a very meager listing of posts and most of the time, rather outdated as well!

So what does blogging mean to me you ask? For myself it has very much become a way for me to share my thoughts on business, marketing and life in general. It is an opportunity for me to let others know what is important to me and how my company – C L Graphics, can truly become a resource of ideas and strategies for our clients. And it is personal – while some of the ideas and concepts are not specific to myself, the interpretation of them very much is!

Which brings me to another interesting concept… the idea of “therapeutic blogging.” I first heard of this concept in one of the hilarious episodes of the Netflix series – Grace and Frankie. (If you have not yet seen this show, check it out – it is a blast!) Lily Tomlin was sharing some of her practical insight with Jane Fonda and suggested that she begin her own therapeutic blog to help her cope with their rapidly changing lives. I have thought about this a few times since seeing this episode, and I would suggest that for many of us longtime “bloggers” (nearly six years for myself now), I suspect there truly is an element of personal therapy within our writing – a way for us to share our thoughts with others! In fact, if I look back on several of my more recent posts, I realize that I have written about subjects that were currently a challenge to my own business. So while they were definitely relevant to business in general, they also helped me to identify some of the needs that I was facing as well.

How about for yourself – do you take the time to blog? What is the purpose behind your blog? And do you find it to be therapeutic as well? Let me know…



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