The Season Of Thanks…

Heading, A Time to Give Thanks Without shadows

As we finish up on the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, here are a few thoughts that have resonated with me this year.

While we all like to say that we give thanks to for what we have and for those who are most important to us throughout the year, there is no doubt that the Thanksgiving Holiday is that time of the year that we choose to vocalize our thanks the most! And why not? sometimes we need to have a specific reason to draw attention to our actions, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time. It makes us stop and think about all that matters most to us, and to prioritize what we have most to be thankful for. And this is not just us acknowledging to ourselves, rather we take the time to actually share our thoughts with others – family, friends, business relations, and just about anyone who will listen to us! Want an example of how we share our thanks? Check out all the various social media platforms over the last few days – you will see more posts relative to giving thanks than you could imagine!

Which brings me to another observation – I will admit that I have personally received more e-mails, handwritten cards, social media posts, phone calls or casual conversations relevant to the thought of giving thanks than anytime I can remember! And while almost all of us get bombarded way too much with all forms of communication now days, I would also suggest that almost all of us have also taken the time to read these notes – I know I have. Why you might ask? Well for one it is good to hear from people who you don’t normally stay in contact with, and for another… well it just plain feels good! In a time where we are too busy to take time out on a regular basis, we actually look forward to doing so when there is a good excuse, such as a holiday.

Sincerity. A simple word… and a strong one. Messages that resonate with sincerity mean the most for us. We all have things to deal with in our personal lives – health issues, financial hardships, family matters, stress, homelessness, strained relationships, etc. It can be a little overwhelming at times, and yet during the Thanksgiving Holiday when we can share our thoughts and words of kindness with others in a very simple and sincere way by just say thanks, then we all can take a break from what is hovering over us, and smile.

What is that you were most thankful for this past weekend? And did you share it with someone who needed to hear it?

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