Re-Posting… Not a Bad Thing to Do!

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As I sit here trying to figure out what to post about, I can genuinely say that this is one of the few times I have found it to be a struggle! Usually I am inspired by something that has happened recently, or something that I have on my mind relative to the challenges of small business. Other times I write about something whimsical, or even personal. Today though… I am coming up blank!

Which then made me think back on a blog post that I had read recently – one that we had shared on our Facebook page ( ), and was written by Kivi Leroux Miller The post was entitled The 50-50 Rule for Creating Great Content – and in this post Kivi suggests that it is okay to not only share content from others, but also okay to re-use previous content. In fact it is ideal to have 50% of your social media content to be original, and half to be re-purposed.

So in the spirit of Kivi’s suggestion, I have one of my favorite posts below… enjoy!

So what is a good business relationship all about?

Is it all about what services and equipment WE have?

If all we talk about are the services we offer, or even worse yet – about all the latest equipment we use to produce your work for the lowest possible price, then there is your first clue that something is wrong. Yes it is good to know that a company has quality presses, and that we can do most everything in-house. But do you really care how something is produced? Or is it more important to you that it does get done – and done on time?

 Or is it all about You?

What are your main challenges – budgets, changing technology, declining market share? Perhaps you no longer have the staff resources to complete a project in-house. Or, you are looking to make a big splash for a new product launch. Perhaps you are wanting to streamline the ordering process.

The more we can learn about your needs, the better we can service you. Of course this type of relationship is a two-way street. First we need to earn your trust as a valued resource – then you as the client need to share some real insight. When this happens a business relationship begins to strengthen. If not though, then the relationship reverts back to one of only services offered and an equipment capability – which usually means it is all about price (see above).

Or…is it really about Your Clients, Donors or Prospects?

Ahah – now we are talking! When we can take a business relationship to the point of really analyzing how to grow your business, gain new donors or develop new prospects, then we have fully evolved.  Who are your best customers – and what is important to them?  How do your donors want to be recognized?  What will be the best way to engage  your prospects, and where can we find them?

We take into account all that we have learned from you, and also look to profile your customers or donors. Together we strategize on how to differentiate you from your competition. Then after we work on a marketing campaign, we take the time to review and make adjustments to even better relate to your clients, donors or prospects. An ongoing and evolving relationship is forged, which is really what a business relationship should be all about!

How can we help you find new clients or serve your existing ones better?

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