Time to Start The New Year Off Right…


It seems like we just did this… starting off a New Year!

Yes time does fly by, and in spite of our best intentions, we find ourselves again seeking out new strategies to market our organizations. Not that we did not have good ideas last year, it is just perhaps that we did not follow through on everything. Or, we found ourselves caught up in the so called “urgent” matters, instead of the important ones! Of course it does not help that at times the overall economy seemed to stutter quite a bit this past year – a lot of ups and downs. And, if you read through many of the projections, you may find yourself bracing for an even rougher ride in 2016!

Looking forward though, we need to not only plan out new strategies, but also be very proactive in implementing them. Especially if the overall economy does start to slow, this could be a great time to first raise new awareness of all that your organization does, and to keep yourself top of mind with your existing clients and prospects alike. Build on your brand – establish a strong recognition of who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. Look to share your story and your passion!

As you build on this awareness, then look to implement specific strategies to attract leads. Create relevant content and resources for a targeted audience and then provide them with a way to seek out your expertise. Ideally this would be through an online landing page that can track the inquiries and provide you the opportunity to follow-up. This often times becomes the first step in cultivating interest and helping your prospects to build a “comfort level” with your organization even before they ever speak to you. Then, with several follow-up “touches” planned, you will be able to build interest and look to close new sales!

In my next blog post I will key in on a number of ideas that you can utilize to engage your existing clients and prospects – utilizing a cross-media approach. With a little effort you could build a coordinated plan and get a jump start in the New Year before your competition does.

Are you ready to get started?

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