It’s Not About You…

Over my last few posts I have been concentrating on marketing strategies for the New Year. This is very critical for all organizations, to start the year off strong, and to look at new ways to promote your organization to prospective clients or donors. I have also shared multiple ways to engage these prospects, which is really the key to marketing in today’s world.

However it is not enough to just tell everybody about who you are and what you do, rather we need to remember that it is really all about them! Who are your ideal clients, and what do they “look like” – where do  they “hang out?” What is important to them? Why would they want to do business with you? These are really important questions to ask yourself and then to address them within your marketing strategies.

All of this very much relates to the concept of “push marketing” evolving in to “pull.” How is it that we can promote ideas and resources for prospects that will prompt them to respond and seek out more information? And once they have responded, how is that we can nurture this lead with additional information that is relevant to their needs?

What I find interesting about all of this, is that while in some ways it is much easier to engage prospects across several different media formats now days, it can also be more of a challenge to continue to find the all of the information that really “strikes a chord” with the prospect. We all get bombarded with “stuff” everyday. And quite frankly, too much stuff! Now more than ever, one must also be creative – to seek out ways to really prompt a response.

So with this in mind, and with the continued goal of providing ideas for you to market your organization, here are a few more that will also shift the emphasis on your prospect, and not yourself!

  • Surveys – I had mentioned this before, and it really is a great way to get feedback directly from the prospect – to engage them in telling you what is important to them!
  • Personalization – if you have accurate information already on your prospects and can include this within your marketing outreach, it tells them that you know about them already – that you are “talking with them” on a one to one basis.
  • Focus Groups – similar to surveys, these can be a great way to show that you care about what is important to them and that you are looking to adapt your services to meet their needs.
  • Infographics – if you have a good understanding of what is important to your prospects already, and have a proven record of achieving success, creating an interesting graphic that shares your impact within a given market can help explain it sometimes better than words alone.
  • Testimonials – likewise, if you have documented success in solving other similar client needs, a simple testimonial or reference can help speak directly to what you can do for the prospect, and their challenges.

What is it that you are doing to make it relevant for your prospects?


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