Creativity – Something to Strive For…

Concept of brilliant idea with exploding pencil

Creativity – a pretty inspiring word. Even for those of us who are not particularly creative, we all seem to recognize something that stands out as being creative. It is different, it is unique, it is inspiring. And in most cases it is very effective!

It is interesting to note that even during one of the most watched sporting events each year – the Super Bowl, it is often times the creative commercials that are talked about the most! It seems like perennially the most creative come from either Pepsi, Budweiser or Doritos. Some of the other well-known and appreciated TV commercials include Wendy’s Where’s the Beef, and Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World. And when it comes to print ads, there are the classic Got Milk campaign, Chick Fil A’s 3 Cows holding the Eat Mor Chikin signs and Apple’s Think Different campaign featuring Bob Dylan, Albert Einstein, and Amelia Earhart to name just a few. Each of these are great examples of how creativity can engage us and makes us remember the product or company that shared it. And even if we ourselves did not actually buy something because of the ads, we invariably found ourselves talking about them with friends  – or now days sharing a link on social media!

Over the years I have been inspired by the opportunity to work on a variety of creative projects for our clients as well. In many cases they were something that we had never really done before… and yet with a little effort and research, we were able to make them work! What was neat about that, is when we showed examples PRINT-PLUS-EMAIL-COVERto other clients, they became intrigued with the possibilities too, and incorporated some of the special techniques or products into their own work. Much of this creativity we also incorporated into promotions for ourselves, like the classic “Print Plus” travel themed book we produced. This incorporated some really unique applications such as Soft Touch coatings, Stitched Binding, Foil Stamping, UV Spot textures, E-Pubs and even Augmented Reality with a dancing hula girl jumping up from the page! We have found that being open to trying new ideas has helped us as a company to stay up to date and striving to learn new applications.

Over the past couple of months especially, we have found that several clients have engaged us to work on some creative projects, which is what ultimately inspired me to write this blog. A few of them that really stood out for me are listed here…

Ball deFluer Invitation Set

The 25th Annual Alexian Brothers Ball deFleur Gala Invites – a unique die-cut outer wrap that also includes a silver foil stamp plus 4 inserts including reply card, raffle tickets and a return envelope. This is a very elegant invitation to a high-end event, and builds upon a series of super creative designs by the Scholly brother’s Commercial Artisan design firm.


Little City Fun Flip

As part of the Little City Foundation’s spring Autism Appeal, this “Fun Flip” insert piece is truly engaging! From the first time you start to flip the panels and change the images/copy, right on through the last set of images, you will find yourself invariable flipping through it again and again – and then again some more! This can be a great way to share the impact you have using infographics. I first saw this product on a visit to the Xerox educational  center in Rochester, and was thrilled when Little City chose to include this in their appeal.


Mid-America Christian University View Book


A prospective student Viewbook for the Mid-American Christian University. This Wire-o bound book has a series of interesting images and descriptions of programs that truly make the University unique to potential students. Includes also is a map page with a translucent vellum overlay sheet highlighting points of interest and a back pocket with customizable insert sheets.


C L Chamber of Commerce Invite


Here is a unique double gate-fold invitation set that we designed for the annual Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce dinner. Straight out of the envelope its active design encourages you to open it… and then it springs to life with an accordion fold on each side, revealing additional information about the awards and dinner schedule. And when open, the recipient can let it stand by itself on their desk!

While many times these creative concepts can cost a little more than your initial budget, when you see the end result and how it captivates the recipient, you will find that it can be well worth the investment. You will also find that people will remember it – and share it with others too! It is all about standing out in a crowd.

How can we help you stand out? Let’s talk…

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