Looking For More Business? Time to Start Marketing…

businesspeople running towards finish line

I have been excited this year by several clients who have made the decision to proactively market themselves. In some cases it included a makeover with new materials and website, and also creating a direct mail campaign that included a landing page to track results. For others it was just an update of their current marketing materials. And while there may be many ways to reach out to new audiences that are either print or digital orientated, in all cases the key is to just do it (to borrow on a classic Nike slogan).

The alternative to getting out there in front of your existing clients and new prospects both, is to do nothing. For sure this is going to be less expensive, however nothing ventured, nothing gained! Even a low-budget attempt at getting your name in front of potential clients can be helpful – the concept of “top of mind” suggests that when the time is right to make a buying decision we all stop to think of who we know might be best for our needs. If in fact we have just read about someone who fits this criteria, or remember a marketing promotion targeted at solving this need, there is a good chance we will include them in our search.

Of course a well thought out marketing strategy with integrated touches across several media formats, can have an even stronger appeal – and likely inspire a stronger response. Ideally this planned campaign will include some type of incentive for the audience, whether it be a special offer or perhaps a download of a white paper or resource guide. When these are included, you can build in the methods to track the interest and responses, and then create an automated follow-up to continue the process of building a comfort level with your organization even before a face to face meeting is arranged.

What is also neat about the concept of proactive marketing, is that in many cases you will be doing much more than your competitors! If they are content to stand on the sidelines, you have the advantage. While it can be hard to compete with the big name retailers, many small businesses also have an advantage when they market themselves as the “hometown” solution. To target a local audience has perhaps never been easier than with the Every Door Direct Mail platform through the post office, and when also combined with online digital ads, your presence can magnified.

So if you are looking for some new business growth this year, I would suggest stop just talking about the need to market your business and actually do it! Set aside a reasonable budget, talk through some possible incentive offers and identify a target audience. Next, put together a creative campaign that will attract some attention and put in place some methods to track any responses. Test any online links that are included, brief your inside staff as to what they need to do for follow-up, and then let it go!

Can we help you get off the sidelines and get started?


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