Busy Times Are Coming…

It seems like Businessman pointing to watchthe summer season always takes a long time to get here, and then invariably it flies by pretty quickly! If we plan it right, we can get in some good cook-outs, many local outdoor festivals, parades, fireworks and even a vacation. For those of us in business, we also know that the summertime can be a little challenging in trying to coordinate vacation schedules and keep production going, or try to manage jobs that come in either unexpectedly or way past the usual time frame. After 35 years in business, I have come to realize that summer is subject to many things that are out of your control!

But then all of a sudden, the thought of school returning starts to put things in motion. The realization that summer schedules are about to float away dawns on everyone and we realize that it is time to get back to work! I don’t know that this has kicked in just yet, but I always see this phenomenon start to surface about the second week in August. The phone starts ringing with inquiries about an upcoming project, and by the way we are on a tight schedule – can you get this done? Events are finalized for the fall season, and it becomes time to send out a save the date card. The need to get out a newsletter highlighting the accomplishments of the year so far. Or the annual report is being finalized from the fiscal year-end in June, and now is the time to go to print. It is almost as if a light bulb gets turned on, and everything is in the spotlight now. Kids will be back in school and vacation time is over!

I also find it interesting that there are many industries and business sectors that are very tied into the last several months of the year. Within our client’s business cycles, we find that the demand for print is much greater now. For instance, many of our nonprofit clients have multiple events, and rely heavily on the year-end appeal season. Within the healthcare markets, the need for renewing insurance coverage plans all hit by year-end typically. Associations will plan conferences in the fall, and of course the schools have a great need for updated materials. And then… there is the political season! I think we can all start bracing ourselves for an onslaught of marketing for both the presidential race and many local contests. Much of this on the national stage will play out at speaking engagements, debates or television, but we can also expect to be bombarded with phone calls and printed material as well.

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, the retail shopping season is brought into full perspective with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Then you can also add in Giving Tuesday to help draw more attention and focus to the nonprofit sector again.

Yes, it happens every year – we get to  enjoy summertime and all that is fun with it, and then we get down to business again! It is time to get the calendar out and plan for the busy times. For me this is all good, albeit a little hectic at times 🙂  How about you – are you ready to get busy?


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