So Where Is It That You Hang Out…

In today’s “marketing on steroids” environment, we are often inundated with  messages that may or may not resonate with us!

While in some instances the message may not even apply to us, in other cases the content might be a good fit, however it is not reaching us at the right time or in the right “place.” What I mean by this, is that for each of us we tend to seek out or at least listen for information in places that we choose. And for each of us, these “places” vary.

For instance, I tend to seek out relevant content information either through trusted vendor sites, webinars or blogs. In some cases I will also utilize leads through social media sites like Facebook, but never through Twitter! This does not mean that there could not be good information shared through Twitter, it is just that for me, I have no interest in staying connected through this platform. I will also choose to network and interact through membership organizations, and regularly download resource guides or attend webinars, mixers and conferences. For me this all includes a comfort level of being able to choose what it is I am going to get information on. I also react well to direct mail – go  figure, a printer that likes direct mail :)! In fact, I often tell phone solicitors that if they really want to share their information, they need to send it to me first. Then, if I am interested I will contact them.

Of course what works for me, may not work for you. Each of us is different, even within the same generational periods. We are unique!

So when it comes to marketing, it is critical that we actually think about our clients and prospects. Who are they, how do they like to communicate, and why? Do we have a “profile” for them? Have we ever even asked them how they would like to stay in contact? Wow, there is an idea… consider doing a survey to your existing clients to see what works best for them. And when prospecting, perhaps a question to pose is – “how is it that you like to be contacted?” How often, and by what media format? Can you get permission for an e-mail “opt-in?” This might surprise them, to actually be asked about this before just “attacking” them!

Once you have this information though, it becomes very important to keep your database current. It does not help to ask all the right questions, and then seemingly ignore the answers by continuing to market in ways that are not appreciated! Personalizing your messaging can have a big impact and help you to engage your audience in ways that you could only hope for.

So where is it that you “hang out,” and how do you like to be reached?


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