Passion… The Key to Success

Businesspeople celebrating

Passion. A pretty powerful word, and statement of what is important to you.

We all know about the concept of passion – we have learned what it means, we have seen and heard examples, and perhaps we have even embraced the concept in our own lives – what we believe in, what we like to do, or even the pain we have endured to see our beliefs through to completion. But how we share the emotions of our passion, how we communicate this passion – that is often what makes them real!

All of us have some amount of passion for the work we do or the beliefs we hold dear. Those that take this passion to another level and have a genuine impact on others, have also found a way to communicate this passion. If we are serious about what we believe in and know that we can make a difference, then we must also find the confidence to share this with others. When this is done effectively, this passion then spreads and becomes even stronger!

In business, this passion can become the difference between just getting by and truly exceeding all expectations. If part of your marketing message and branding does a good job of communicating your true passion for what it is you do, then potential clients will see this and be impacted. Over time they will want to embrace this commitment and will also be willing to share your story and refer you to their own network. There are many examples of passionate entrepreneurs, and perhaps one of the most influential was Steve Jobs. After returning to lead Apple after a 12 year absence, he shared in a staff meeting the role that passion would play in revitalizing the Apple brand:

“Apple is not about making boxes for people to get their jobs done, although we do that well. Apple is about something more. Its core value is that we believe people with passion can change the world for the better.”

Needless to say, Steve’s passion for creating innovative and life changing products is what catapulted Apple to the business leader that it is today! The millions of dedicated customers have not only embraced this passion, but they have become ardent supporters of the Apple brand. Another great example is Walt Disney. The passion he used in creating the Disney experience when families visit the theme parks he built, has spread to become a huge business empire.

Of course the passion I speak about here is not limited to just the business world. There are countless nonprofit organizations that have been started by passionate leaders that believed in helping others. In the work that we do at C L Graphics, we have had the pleasure of seeing first hand the impact that even relatively small organizations can have within the local community. Undoubtedly it is the passion of the founders that have made these organizations flourish and grow – and, to inspire others to help contribute to their growth. Organizations such as Adult & Child Therapy, BACOA, Community Health, Connections for the Homeless, Family Health Partnership Clinic, Family Institute, Hearthstone, Little City Foundation, Little Sisters of the Poor, Mainstay, MetroSquash, MS Society, NISRA, PADS, PHD, Pioneer, Second Sense, Seniors Assistance Center, Society of the Divine Word, STOP, The Boulevard, UNICEF and United Way. Without these organizations and many others like them, the people they serve would not be able to get by their day-to-day challenges. It is also interesting to hear about the passion the people who have benefitted from these services share – and it is these stories that continue to spread the word.

Not everyone has an extreme passion for what it is they do. And not everyone can communicate their passion as well as they could. And perhaps… this speaks to my own passion – to be a resource in sharing my knowledge about marketing and print communication. Nothing gives me more satisfaction then when a client is eager to hear about ideas and examples of what they can do to promote themselves! Not everyone is open to this, but when it happens, that is when my passion gets to shine.

So what is your true passion?

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