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seminar-ad In my last post I talked about passion – and that communicating that passion is what can help an organization succeed. It is not enough to just have a great mission and cause, but if you do not share what you believe in and give others the opportunity to learn about what it is you do and why you do it, then it can get lost in the day-to-day clutter!

I also shared that my passion is in being a resource for clients and in sharing my knowledge about marketing and print communication. Over the years I have made a point of not only communicating my knowledge through writing on these subjects through blogs like this one, but in also committing to hosting live seminars that clients and prospects can attend. Perhaps this is an extension of my very first career, that of being a teacher.

Very early on I had embraced the opportunity to teach others and still find this to be a great way to share knowledge and expertise. About 12 years ago we started hosting seminars for clients and over this time have enjoyed the interaction and response that these seminars have provided. Some of these events were fairly small, with only 6-8 attendees – others included up to 45 people! I also learned that by offering ideas and expertise ended up coming back to me through increased business and referrals!

This year I thought about taking these seminars to even another level. My plan was to create a whole series of seminars on marketing, and to seek out well-known experts on various topics to do the presentations. These individuals will bring a new perspective and experience to help inspire attendees in how they can plan and implement a variety of marketing strategies. The presentations will include subjects of developing a marketing message/ plan, content marketing, social media, direct mail marketing and marketing automation. We are excited to offer these seminars at no charge to attendees, and believe that they will indeed become a great resource for our clients and prospects.

Our first presentation will be held this coming Thursday, the 23rd of February and will feature Jean Marie Saidler of JMS Marketing. Jean Marie’s career started in corporate marketing with the Miller Brewing Company and then as manager of Bottler Programs for the Seven-Up company. She became the trade show manager for ACCO International prior to starting her own B-2-B turn key marketing agency. The topic of this first seminar will be about developing a marketing message and plan – from identifying sales objectives, target markets, branding, strategies, budgeting and review of your plans.

If you are looking for some insight and want to learn more about developing a marketing plan for your organization, then I hope that you will join us! To register for this event, go to


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