Beach Inspections… Part II

img_20170305_171815273   Two years ago I had written about my experience participating in a select group that is called upon to perform beach inspections. As I had suggested, this is very similar to jury duty, however not as regular and often times it requires a week-long commitment. I took this responsibility very seriously and found it to be rewarding to me personally as well as for the good of the beaches.

Well evidently the work that I had performed was deemed to be worthy of a recall! Once you have done these inspections in a given state at least once, you are then placed in a pool of individuals that could be elevated to the next level, which also includes family participation. So after a rigorous vetting process, my wife Julie and daughter Jenni were selected to join me in our assignment at the Isle of Palms just outside of Charleston, SC. img_20170305_171904675

To begin with the weather is cool, only in the low 70’s today, and the water is also a little chilly! In spite of this we look forward to warmer weather later this week and many extended walks along the beach to deem the safety of the various wildlife we encounter and seashells that we will turn over. This is where we can fully determine the health of the beach, which is critical to the future of tourism throughout South Carolina.

This work can be physically exhausting and mentally draining! Often times we must stop for food and drink just to sustain ourselves. We have found that some of the local drinks that have umbrellas placed in them offer a good source of nutrition and the seafood can also help us determine that the beaches are playing a part in the circle of life.

While many people just wander off on vacation to relax, we have found that by choosing to give of ourselves in this important community service, we can come back from this duty with a strong sense of pride. In the future, I would encourage everyone to partake in this experience if you are given the opportunity!

If beach inspections are not your choice, how is it that you choose to give back?


2 thoughts on “Beach Inspections… Part II

  1. Rick:

    It is not often we are called to perform such a dangerous task in relation to beach inspections (i.e., shark attacks, beaching of whales, crab bites), so may I commend you, Julie, and Jenni for volunteering your services whenever called upon. This type of mission requires a well-balanced plan of operation, and called for a true dedication on the part of each team member in order to accomplish their charged assignments.

    Central Command was glowing in their praise, and will issue all due Citations at a time of their choosing.


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