Trying Something New…

All of us can get in the habit of doing the same old, same old – mainly because it is easier and in some cases has been successful for us too. And while it is good to keep up with the things that are working, sometimes we also need to make a change just for the sake of keeping things fresh, and or even reinventing ourselves!

Much has been talked about recently with regard to the number of retail operations that are closing up shop or substantially reducing their number of stores. This is definitely a hard fact of business life, to make the necessary changes as needed, and yet the factors that drove these actions did not happen overnight. The impact of online businesses that interrupted the status quo started slowly (Amazon started in 1994!) and it really has taken time for them to take hold, but the handwriting was on the wall for all of us to see. Another example of change coming was presented on CBS Sunday morning just today. It was an interesting look at how technology and robotics are beginning to take hold in a variety of industries, from rider less taxi services and trucking, to manufacturing and even pizza making! One of the main points though, was that with this change in how jobs are done, will also be a significant loss of jobs for human beings. And again, this is not happening all of a sudden, but has been talked about for some time now.

What all of this suggests is that the marketplace of the future will be much different from what we are used to – and that likely only those that embrace the change will be the ones to truly succeed. In a classic quote, Alvin Toffler suggested… “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” Indeed, the millennial generation will be faced with the challenge of reinventing their career paths many times – and those that do not, will find themselves left behind!

When it comes to marketing, we see prime examples of creative work all the time – but it takes some effort to try something new. A great example is the Allstate commercials that show us “mayhem” through the adventures of Dean Winters. An exaggerated look at why insurance is important to all of us! Another one is Kmart’s humorous “ship my pants” YouTube campaign – one that drew well over 22 million views and increased traffic. While small businesses may not be able to create such notable campaigns with a limited budget, there is no reason that you cannot think outside the box and be willing to use some of the new technology available. Often times we just need to take the time to learn of what can be done, then adapt it to our own markets. It is especially important to understand what the new options are, and to be open to trying something new!

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