Still Learning…


The subject of learning is getting to be an ongoing thread within my blog, but I don’t think this is a bad thing! I still very much find it to be stimulating to be talking with someone and hear of what it is they are doing or have done, and realize that this is something new, or something that I should be trying. The power of learning from others is pretty strong and can help fuel our continued growth.

This past week we hosted one of our ongoing marketing seminars, and our featured speaker was Brian Basilico. I have followed Brian for some time and have always found his blog posts to be a worthwhile read. Having the chance to hear him in person was even better though, as he talked a great deal about how content marketing within the digital online and social media formats is a tremendous way to engage prospects and to speak to them in a way that is of interest to them. I also found it interesting to hear him share how important it still is to include print within a marketing plan, and in fact how he has turned several of his online podcasts and blogs into printed books. If you would like to learn more about Brian you can visit his website at

Some of the other inspiration for my blog post today came from speaking with several print company owners over the last several weeks and from an advisory committee meeting that I attended down at Illinois State University. At this meeting each of us shared some of what we found to be challenges in our businesses, and hearing from others can put new perspectives on some of the same things that each of us face. A common part of the discussions were centered around attracting younger employees, and likewise engaging in new media opportunities.

Another topic that was introduced and one that I also heard from another company recently, was how they were approaching their sales efforts. To be sure, the sales process has changed over the past several years, and the typical new sales cycle is much longer than in the past. It is more important than ever to be aligned to the unique needs of a given market and to be able to share how you can have an impact on improving or streamlining a prospect’s business. Which interestingly enough, takes me back full circle to what Brian had shared with us – it is not about us, but rather all about our clients. What is it that is important to them – what is it they need help with – how is it that we can speak to their needs and interest? The more we can learn about them and their business, the better we can serve them.

What is it that you have learned recently? Does the concept of learning still excite you?


One thought on “Still Learning…

  1. Rick:

    It is said that education is a life-long process; sometimes “People” teach us, too. Your latest blog posted how one business can help grow another business in a continuous learning cycle. I was quite impressed with the way you wrote and edited or highlighted the meaningful subject matter. Perhaps you should consider consolidating all of your blogs into a printer’s business owner’s manual.


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