We Are… Community

The world is a rather noisy place at times. With all of the recent breaking news, the fake news, the political talk, the update on the latest violence, or all of the celebrity updates, it is easy to get overwhelmed and even make you want to just go hide in a hole somewhere to get away from it all!

On the other hand, it can be quite stimulating and refreshing to take the time to get out and actually be a part of your local community. To get out and meet with friends over dinner, to attend a local school event, partake in a fundraising event or just to take a walk in the neighborhood – all of these and many more can be a great way to open your eyes and ears to all that is good in the world!

Over the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of attending two of our client’s Gala events, and in addition to some great food and drink, they were also great opportunities to meet up with others in the community and to learn more about the mission of the organizations. Sometimes we think we have a pretty good idea of what all they do, but to hear the stories of the impact they have – to watch videos of clients and to see the support that all the attendees are willing to give, that can help reinforce the value these organizations bring back to the community.

In addition to these events, I also took the opportunity to participate in two 5K Walk/Run fundraisers. I always find it pretty neat to see all those that come out – sometimes in the sun and sometimes in the rain even, to help support the cause. From the avid runners to the families with young kids that just come out to walk, everyone enjoys the chance to do some good for the community – and oh by the way, have some fun as well!

Coming up we are going to attend our local Chamber annual dinner as well. This will be another great opportunity to meet up and socialize with fellow business owners and also to recognize those that have gone above and beyond their membership to really engage the community and set an example for others.

All of these are great ways to get out and take advantage of the communities that we live in. I am truly fortunate to live in one that goes above and beyond to offer opportunities for its residents and to make it a great place to live. At the same time though, it is only through the willingness of those that live here to take part in the events and engage with others in the community that make it happen.

How is it that you give back to the community you live in?


One thought on “We Are… Community

  1. Rick:

    A very interesting and timely Blog. The 2nd paragraph was most reflective, then the 3rd paragraph closely followed.

    Grade; A+!

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