Marketing – The Art of Tying It All Together…

No matter how much we read and try to keep up with the latest in marketing trends, inevitably we find ourselves falling short of all that we could be doing! Even those of us that work on implementing proven strategies along with new ideas, at times it all gets to be a little overwhelming.

This is not to say that we should all just give up… no, that sure is not the way to go! I would suggest though, that sometimes it is important to take a periodic look at what you are doing and see if it all ties together. In other words, are your various marketing messages consistent and communicate the same branding? Do your print materials look to drive the reader online? Does your social media provide a relevant resource for readers and look to engage them? Do you have content that prospects would find of interest? And then… do all of these channels point back to a unique landing page that can track the incoming leads?

This last week I had the pleasure of hosting another presentation in our 2017 marketing tour that was given by our guest speaker John Foley of interlinkONE. While the topic of the seminar was “The Strength of Social Media,” what was especially interesting was how John made the whole social media concept to be fully integrated in to one’s overall marketing plan. He explained the idea of inbound marketing, then content marketing, and finally the need for Search Engine Optimization. Once finished with each of these he explained how they really are designed to work together. With these three pillars, it then becomes the basis for generating a plan that seeks to engage both your existing clients and new prospects with the traditional sales funnel – first we create content, then promote this information, and finally we look to convert the leads into sales.

Where often a marketing plan goes off base however, is when each of the individual components are not always designed to interact. It is not enough to have a great direct mail  piece that attracts attention, or a creative series of social media posts, if in fact they do not lead the reader to take action. And ultimately this action should be pointing the recipient back to a landing page on your website – where you can easily track the activity and create follow-up activity. After multiple touches and interaction, these leads now become qualified and prime targets for your sales force to contact.

John also touched on other topics within his presentation, including how important it is to know who your clients and prospects are. Where do they “hang out” on social media, what is important to them and how is it that they typically seek out information? One can do this by visiting and interacting on their own social media sites – after all, it is all about being social and this goes both ways!

If you would like to get a copy of this presentation to learn more, please visit the seminar download section on our website, at   You can also learn more about John Foley and interlinkONE at:



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