Client Fest – A Time To Celebrate…

Summer… for many of us this brings up great memories of vacation trips, picnics, 4th of July celebrations, festivals, parades, and just an overall good time! Probably more than any other season, this is the time we all get out and do things and look forward to having some fun. Well, perhaps it is this very reason that has inspired me to create something new.

Client Fest!

Let me say that again…. client fest – an opportunity for all of us at C L Graphics to reach out to all of our many clients and say thank you! Thank you for your business and support, and thank you for letting us work on the many creative and interesting projects that you do. Okay, maybe not all of the work we do is unique, but it is still important to you and fulfills a need. Whether we are reprinting letterheads and envelopes, creating an annual report, printing and mailing a newsletter, designing a website banner ad or printing business cards for your latest hires, all of these items help you to promote your business and communicate with your clients.

There will always be an argument that suggests that “print is dead” –  and yet, we continually find ourselves growing and gaining new customers. The opportunity to share our skills and resources and to engage new markets is a testament to the need for print. I can genuinely say that even after 36 years in business now, I am still genuinely excited about the work we do and the expertise we bring to you our clients. We are continually looking for ways to expand and offer more services, while at the same time making sure that we fulfill your expectations.

Perhaps the best way to make sure we are doing good by you, is to reach out and not only say thanks, but also by asking what else we could do? What other needs you might have or ideas you are thinking about with regard to marketing your organization?  What are the trends that are affecting the way you do business? How is it we could improve upon our service for you? Over the next several weeks, during our July Client Fest, we will look to reach out to as many of our clients as possible – either in person or by phone, and not only give you thanks and appreciation, but to also try to learn more about you and your needs.

We look forward to some good conversation!


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