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Issues that affect small business, specifically related to marketing and sales.

Ideas to Help Market Your Organization…

In my last post I talked about the importance of being proactive in planning out your marketing efforts for this New Year. Especially with the potential for a lackluster economy, when the typical trend is to cut back on marketing, you could have a great impact by actually increasing your efforts with some specific ideas […]
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It Takes A Concentrated Effort…

You often hear that one of the true benefits of being in business for yourself is that you get to be “your own boss.”Well those of us that actually do own a business – at least a small business, know all too well, that the truth of this is that it is in fact the […]
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It’s What We Do…

The inspiration for today’s blog is from Paul Strack, a fellow printer located in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Paul is truly a unique and innovative print company owner who happened to be the recipient of the 2013 NAQP Printer of the Year award. After the recent conference that I had the opportunity to make the presentation […]
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So Why Is It We Do What We Do…

I was passed along a link to a presentation recently on TED – which is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to ideas that are worth spreading. If you have not visited this site yet, check it out! The presentation was by Simon Sinek, and was actually from a video recorded back in 2009. Simon […]
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The Challenge of a New Year’s Resolution…

Back in the day… about 32 years ago, I had the pleasure of being a High School teacher. One of the things that I miss about this and that makes me jealous of my wife Julie (who is a college teacher), is the end of a semester. What makes this special is that you have […]
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Planning… An Ongoing Exercise

As is typical for me on a Sunday afternoon, I found myself at the health club today getting in some exercise. In addition to the health aspect, I also find that a good run or bike ride can be great to clear the mind and bring some focus to what I am planning for the […]
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